A Place to Live / by Jeremy Lim

Work featured in Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway’s Manifesto for the Modern Home, by Charlotte Abrahams

A Place to Live is a call to arms for the design and culturally savvy consumer looking for ideas, advice and practical tips on how to create a home that is cool and contemporary, economically and environmentally sustainable and part of its community. It not only brings you architecture and interiors to marvel at, but also an insight into a world where dwellings are wrapped up by great play spaces, home zones, green spaces, community allotments and recycling schemes, community shops, community gyms and community transport. Where homes are adaptable from cradle to grave and where houses tread lightly in their environment.
Our homes and the communities in which we live have a significant influence on our life chances, our well being and our happiness. It is time for us all to demand more.
It is hoped A Place to Live becomes both a source book and a manifesto that inspires a wider creative insurgency resulting in homes that serve us all better.

Click here for a preview of what could be one of the most relevant and thought-provoking books of the year. (Could be because A Place to Live is currently in need of a publisher….)